Wednesday, November 08, 2006

7 Day Detox Goes Russian

This summer I was contacted by a group in Russia who had read my book the 7 Day Detox. As it turns out my book was recreated and publised in Russian. Neat! I was invited to visit Russia and the patients who read 7 Day Detox in Russian. I took them up on their invite and travelled to Russia for two weeks. While there I visited a hospital where they use naturopathic methods including hydrotherapy, sauna, ozone therapy, laser and more! The Russian doctors were so interested in my training and were fascinated that in Canada a Naturopathic Doctor is so hands on. They couldn't believe that Dr. Stephanie and I work on our patients directly and that we have no nurses like in their clinic. It was an amazing trip full of learning. Thank you to my new Russian friends! ~ Blog Post By Dr. Peter