Wednesday, November 08, 2006

7 Day Detox Goes Russian

This summer I was contacted by a group in Russia who had read my book the 7 Day Detox. As it turns out my book was recreated and publised in Russian. Neat! I was invited to visit Russia and the patients who read 7 Day Detox in Russian. I took them up on their invite and travelled to Russia for two weeks. While there I visited a hospital where they use naturopathic methods including hydrotherapy, sauna, ozone therapy, laser and more! The Russian doctors were so interested in my training and were fascinated that in Canada a Naturopathic Doctor is so hands on. They couldn't believe that Dr. Stephanie and I work on our patients directly and that we have no nurses like in their clinic. It was an amazing trip full of learning. Thank you to my new Russian friends! ~ Blog Post By Dr. Peter


Blogger Benjamin said...

That's awesome! Congrats on being published in Russian. Huge honor.

My wife is Russian and Ive been to many sanitoriums there. The docs simply prescribe and then the nurses do the rest.

That is my ideal set up as well as I plan to do loads of hydro/balneo in my clinic.

Hope to see you at the next convention in BC!

Ben Lynch
ND Candidate 2007
Bastyr University

9:39 AM  

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