Sunday, September 27, 2009

On August 29th, 2009, Dr. Stephanie Trenciansky Had Her Baby!

At 4:30 PM during a staff interview, Dr. Stephanie went into labor. Her midwife, Dr. Cathy Carlson-Rink ND LM arrived by 6 PM. After a quick assessment, it was decided that the planned home birth would have to be changed to a hospital delivery. A hurried drive to Surrey Memorial hospital got us there by 8 PM. A rapid admittance allowed Stephanie to focus on the job at hand. With contractions coming fast and furious, she was ready to push by 11:30 PM. Finally, at 1:55 PM on Saturday August 29th, 2009, a beautiful baby boy was born.

The nurses and pediatrician were fantastic at helping Stephanie through the whole process and leaving any regret that the home birth was averted, far behind. Cathy stayed to make sure Dr. Stephanie was fully recovered and finally left at 5 AM after a long night of skillful obstetric care. By 9:30 AM, after Dr. Peter Bennett walked the halls of the hospital and determined there was no edible food, the proud parents and Theo checked out of the hospital not heeding the stern advice of the on-call nurse.

Once home, Dr. Peter Bennett started to whip up food and care for the completely exhausted new mother.

Before and after the birth, so many patients, family and friends made kind gifts of cards, flowers and stylish new-born attire. For this gush of kindness and love, we are all deeply grateful.