Monday, April 11, 2011

Detoxification in Medicine

For over one hundred years, naturopathic physicians have relied on detoxification therapy to assist their patients in optimum health Even with the advancements in biochemistry, physiology and pharamcology in the 20th century, the ancient wisdom of detoxification therapy in maintaining health and curing a wide range of disease precesses remains unequaled. Resting the immune and detoxification organs of the digestive tract and promoting elimination are the core concepts used in detoxification medicine. THE 7-DAY DETOX MIRACLE (Prima 2001), is a simple, do-it-yourself detoxification program which offers to improve chronic health problems, restore health even if you are not sick, and maintain optimum health. The core concept begins with the premise that detoxification (not alcohol and drug detox) is an effective medical strategy because it assists proper cellular functioning. Disturbed cellular function is the basis of disease, poor health and lowered physical and mental performance. It is caused by environmental and lifestyle habits that poison the blood which should only carry nutrients and oxygen, not pollutants and toxins. Scientific research into various aspects of the THE 7-DAY DETOX MIRACLE program and clinical results have indicated detoxification is a safe, sound and effective approach because it works by amplifying the body's existing mechanisms of self healing. Detoxification processes in the body are primarily driven in the liver because it is here that the body filters the blood into a life-giving fluid that carries oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of the body. A sick liver, caused by faulty lifestyles and environmental stress, loses its ability to protect every cell in the body from toxin damage. By improving the health of the gut/liver environment, enhanced immunity is brought to optimum function. The abdomen is the site of our key filtering and healing mechanisms and the 7-Day Detox Miracle program offers to stimulate and optimize this inherent healing mechanism in our body. KEY HEALTH BENEFITS OF DETOXIFICATION • Feel young, look great • Increased vitality, energy, and stamina • Reduction of allergic symptoms • Improvement of digestive functions • Better concentration, clarity, and mental focus • Enhanced mental performance • A sense of calm and ease • Increased resistance to illness • Reduction in risk for many chronic diseases • Reduced symptoms of chronic toxicity • Weight loss



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The Chinese knew about the health effect of foot reflexology and the Japanese knew about body waste(toxins) detoxification for hundreds and hundreds of years

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